Cabins/ Camping in Arkansas in October

Discussion in 'Arkansas' started by JordiCruz, Sep 26, 2013.

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    My suggestions for camping and staying at a cabin are as follows: for camping, the Ozarks are great. Bull Shoals White River State Park (near Mountain Home) or Lake Dardanelle State Park (Russellville) are great places for camping in Arkansas in October as butterflies are migrating.

    For cabins, I would suggest staying somewhere in or near Eureka Springs like Lake Lucerne, Lake Leatherwood or Lakeshore Cabins.
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    You kinda spoiled for choice for camping and cabin options in Arkansas, especially in the Ouachita National Forest, which is all open to camping. There are tons of hiking and primitive camping to be done there along the Ouachita Trail and Eagle Rock Loop trails, and then set up camp in places like Lake Ouachita.
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    I would say Arkansas is one of the most underrated places to see the foliage or go on vacation in the US. In October, the leaves will be turning color and the weather will pleasantly cool. Saying this, im not sure what camping will be like across the US this time around because of the government shutdown. I heard rangers closed park operations on Lake Ouachita two days ago.
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    Camping in Arkansas in October

    Noted as one of the cleanest lakes in the US, Lake Ouachita is one beautiful location for hiking, boating, fishing, swimming and camping. The 40,000-acre lake is a short distance from Hot Springs. Arkansas's state parks are a great vacation destination.

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