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Discussion in 'Hotels' started by wanderer, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. wanderer

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    Here's the latest from the it-costs-more-to-travel file: Caesars has a new fee for its Las Vegas properties. Guests will now be charged $10 or $25 extra a night, but it's not without its benefits. It covers WiFi, fitness centers, and local calls.This covers Caesars Palace as well as the Flamingo and Paris. I'm not sure who else is connected to Caears, but I think there are a few more. Does anyone else know?
  2. PR-GH

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    what a joke! what if you dont use internet or the fitness centre? According to caesars "the practice of charging a resort fee is consistent with other Las Vegas resorts".. can you really believe this BS? i hope people boycott their resorts and im sure some will because the majority would rather not pay that fee.
  3. us4elec

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    Regardless of the reasons for additional nightly fees, in the end the only real reason for the fees is to increase caesars hotel revenue. what's worse, many people dont realise about caesars that at check-in or check-out the resort charges fees but you wouldn't know because the fees get buried within the fine print of booking reservation engines.
  4. Hitchcock

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    That's the nature of most hotel resorts these days. If a hotel says "Rates from $30" you're really looking at $30 plus a well-masked fee. Hotels can get away with it and advertise it like this as in "Resort Fee". That's way Vegas sucks now because this resort fee is mandatory whether you use things like internet, fitness center or not.

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