Camel rides in Egypt

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    We have some advice to share about camel rides.

    It's one thing to snap from photos of the pyramids around Cairo, but it's something else to up the ante by posing for a picture on the back of a camel. Often, you'll find trainers nearby who can coax the eight-foot-tall, 1,500-pound animals to lie down passively in preparation for riding. But be careful! Sometimes you have to pay to get of the camel after you've already paid to get on the camel.

    How do you avoid being a camel hostage? Kara Lucchesi of STA has this advice: Never just get on a random guy's camel. Stick to rides arranged via an established tour company."
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    Camel ride in Egypt

    Camel rides in Egypt are fun, but if you suffer from any sort of back pain, you may find it difficult being on top of a camel for more than 20 minutes. I did a camel ride for about 5 hours and got a sore back at the end of it...mind you it was well worth it.

    If you do book a camel ride either for the 5 hours or for a shorter period of time, just make sure they take care of their animals, for the most part camels are spendy creatures that are looked after and cared for, but there are the occasional owners that are more neglectful.
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    Thanks for adding your advice Popo00. I didn't think about that being hard on your back, but that makes perfect sense. Five hours is a long time, but that would be an amazing experience. And that's good to hear that most of the animals are well cared for.

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