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    hello, i have a query about camping in Croatia and what is like? can you give us a list of camping sites in Croatia? cheers
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    hi there,

    There is variety of campsites and campgrounds along the Croatian coast sea shore, while in mainland Croatia campgrounds and campsites are very limited.

    There are two types of camp sites, the ones owned privately by a family and the ones owned by the state.
    The family run campsites are usually small and have limited facilities, while the state ones are large campsites in bigger areas and with better facilities

    Here it is a list of campsites in Croatia:

    * Camping Sites in Istria
    * Kvarner Gulf Camping Sites
    * North Dalmatia Camping Grounds
    * South Dalmatia Camps
    * Camping around Dubrovnik
    * Camping around Croatian Islands

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