Camping sites in*Southern California

Discussion in 'California' started by mitraveler, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. mitraveler

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    With the great weather and the amazing scenery, Southern California seems tailor-made for camping. I think most of the state parks have campgrounds that are really reasonable and close as can be to the amazing scenery. And there are plenty of independently run campgrounds in California.

    Do you have a favorite?
  2. steeldoor

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    camping for free in socal

    like I tell most people wanting to camp in southern dont have to pay a penny if you know where to look. for instance, you can camp in the land around Amboy crater for up to 14 days free of charge, though don’t expect much in the way of facilities, besides some picnic tables and a couple of vault toilets.
  3. ManuelMendez

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    camping in Southern California

    i think one of the best camping spots in socal is Heart Bar State Park which is just a short driving distance to Jenks lake day use area and within walking distance of the San Gorgonio wilderness, also the Santa Ana River is nearby with great trout fishing.
  4. jazzalbart

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    I must say, Tent camping is an inexpensive way to enjoy Southern California's sprawling coastline, wild mountains and arid deserts. Malibu Beach RV Park has a tent area among the big-rig sites. There, you can enjoy panoramic views of the ocean, where migrating whales can be spotted in March and April and again in October. You can also take scenic hikes on the bluffs and body surf in the sea.
  5. MteosGrud

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    RV Campground in southern California

    if you're wondering about RV Campground in Southern California head to either the Motorcoach Country Club and Outdoor Resorts Indio in Indio California (in the Palm Springs California Metro area). There is literally unlimited activities in the area, though it is not cheap to camp there.
  6. cocoabutter

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    Advice needed..

    Hey guys, I really need some advice here:

    I'd like to go camping in the area between LA and SF at the end of July. As I'm from Germany and never been to the US before, I'm absolutely clueless. So I'd be very grateful for any advice you can give me:

    1. I can't afford to rent a car, so are there any camping sites one can reach with public transport? Anything close to LA or SF? How could I get there, bus, train, anything else (I only have two weeks, so biking isn't really an option, I guess ;) ?

    2. I'm not too picky about the sites, I just need a place top put my tent, a shower and a toilet. So how much would I have to pay per day, approximately?

    Thanks so much!!

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