Can we fly into Memmingen

Discussion in 'Germany' started by lovacK, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. lovacK

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    Hi, our family want to visit friends in Tuttlingen this July but would like to know the best and cheapest way to get there? Can we fly into Memmingen and get the train from there to Tuttlingen or would Zurich be a better entry point and train from there?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance :)
  2. Ruby

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    Yes, you can fly into Memmingen but I wouldn't since trains are really good in Germany and cheap. By the way, Memmingen is in Bavaria, so you can get a Baden-Wuerttemberg group day train ticket for your family for about 28Euros which you can use to access Tuttlingen.

    The group ticket will also cover all other public transportation in Baden-Wuerttemberg such as buses, trams, U-bahns and S-bahns, although the bus from Memmingen airport to the train station won't be covered.

    To get around this, if you fly into Stuttgart Airport, you will be able to use the Baden-Wuerttemberg group day train ticket to get to the train station.

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