Canadian dollar or US Dollar currency

Discussion in 'Travel Industry News' started by unkle77, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. unkle77

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    If you plan to travel and happen to be from Canada or wanting to use Canadian dollars as currency, I really recommend you don't do it because Canadian dollars are not as acceptable as US dollars which are accepted almost everywhere. Canadian dollars are generally not accepted in most places even in banks. The Best option is to stick to using a debit or preloaded credit card in your countries currency!
  2. Better2know

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    Canadian dollars are probably best only in Cuba. I've been to Cuba many times I have learned that US$ is probably the worst currency to take. You will be asked for as much as a 15% surcharge which you can try to cash in on your Credit Cards to lessen the damage.
  3. hamsrter_23

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    You could always use your bank card to withdraw money from an ATM. Check with your bank to find which Canadian banks they have an agreement with and then utilize that Canadian bank’s ATM for the fewest / cheapest fees & surcharges.

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