Canton Tower Ferris Wheel

Discussion in 'China' started by Vicolette, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    On a recent episode of Amazing Race, the teams had to make their way to the top of 1480-foot Canton Tower in China and find a clue in one of the transparent pods that takes visitors on a panoramic ride atop the tower. Unbelievable views but it sure looks like fun. Has anyone made this trip or would you be up to riding high in the sky around the outer rim of this wheel.
  2. The80'srock!

    The80'srock! New Member

    I thought the London Eye was tall enough...I personally don't like heights so the thought to climb this Ferris gives me goosebumps. I bet you thrill seekers the world over must be relishing the opportunity to climb and ride this Ferris.

  3. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    When I was in Niagara Falls last, I was totally afraid to get on the Ferris Wheel, but my co-workers made me. There was one second where I was sure we were going to die, but it ended up being fun. But this is much smaller. The one in Niagara Falls is only 175 feet tall!
  4. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    I love Ferris wheels but generally stick to the old-fashioned type that would be considered a "low rider" compared to the new models. Folks in the US can look forward to a new wheel closer to home with the one scheduled to open in Las Vegas later this year.

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