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  1. mitraveler

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    These beaches are legendary for their beauty. I was wondering if anyone has had the chance to spend time here. From the black-sand beaches of Tarrafal to the fine swimming beach at Praia de Laginha, there are all kind of Cape Verde beaches.
  2. MariaKo

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    remote beaches of Boa Vista

    Cape Verde is something special for sure... long white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and the sun are just some of the reasons this place is worth visiting on a vacation. I was there a few months back and explored the remote beaches of Boa Vista, which were just out of this world! You must visit Boa Vista, though make sure you do it with a local guide in a 4 wheel drive vehicle for the best experience.
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    Cape Verde is pure paradise!

    forget all the beaches you've ever been...nothing beats the beaches of Cape Verde! The beaches there are long white sandy beaches with turquoise waters. These beaches are def some of the best in the world and the best thing is that they never crowded. My two favs are Santa Maria beach (half mile of golden white sand) and Boa Vista which has white powdery sands. Pure paradise!

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