Cappadocia's Unique Landscape

Discussion in 'Turkey' started by Vicolette, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Vicolette

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    I was doing some research about things to do when visiting Turkey and came across something I never knew. As a big Star Wars fan, I had no idea Lucas used Cappadocia as the setting for multiple scenes in the original flick. After seeing the pics of the landscape, it made perfect sense! Has anyone visited this unique area?
  2. The Travel Slut

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    I spent three nights in Cappadocia a couple years ago and was totally in awe of the area, the history and the sights.

    From hot air ballooning over the formations to exploring the caverns and caves, Cappadocia is in the Top 5 places in the world I have experienced. It should be on everyone's bucket list.

    It is not common to see 2,000 years of history in such a small geographical area.
  3. Vicolette

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    Thanks for the firsthand info. I was totally in awe when I saw the pics and started reading about the history of this unusual area. I have a short list of must visit places to experience and seeing the carved rock structures at Cappadocia just got added.
  4. wanderer

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    When George Lucas was making Star Wars, a lot of people thought he was crazy to film at such far flung locations, like Cappadocia and Tunisia. But now it's considered one of the best ways to make a movie. Peter Jackson really took that to a new level filming The Lord of the Rings (and the upcoming Hobbit movies) in New Zealand.
  5. Vicolette

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    Directors have been using interesting locations for movies for awhile. It definitely adds that extra touch of reality. One of my favorites is the classic 1952,Bogart/Hepburn film, African Queen, with extensive filming at Murchison Falls in Uganda.

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