car rental vs taxis in Dominica?

Discussion in 'Dominica' started by voyager999, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. voyager999

    voyager999 New Member

    do I need car rental in Dominica or are taxis better in Dominica...if so, where are car rental agencies located in the island?
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    I think Dominica is one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean..that small you could almost walk it:) There are buses, taxis and car rental to choose from but between car rental and taxis I'd suggest taxis because they're aren't that expensive and also because they serve as a tourist guide so you get two for one!

    Then again, with car rental you can have more freedom and do what you want, which is always nice. Most of the rental agencies are available in tourist hubs such as Roseau or at the Melville Hall Airport in the Northeast of the island.
  3. treveler88

    treveler88 New Member

    actually which is the best depends on the person who is traveling. but car rental is best i think

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