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Discussion in 'Cyprus' started by Elena, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Elena

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    We are a group of 15 people, planning our vacation in cyprus... please suggest some good, reliable car rental service in cyprus. This is our second visit, last time we ran into many problems with car rental... please suggest some reliable one...

    Thank You
  2. thesungo

    thesungo New Member

    hey, what problems did you ran into last time? The most popular car hire companies in Cyprus like Europe car are really expensive and best avoided (best to go with local car hire firms). Also, avoid picking your car rental at the airport because you can easily wait in line for more than an hour just to pick up your keys.
  3. thistownno

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    car rental tips

    i've never been to Cyprus but car rental tips apply everywhere you go. My tip is to find out their policy is on gas. Many car rental companies charge you upfront an arm and a leg for a full tank of fuel. If that's the case is best to go with another company because they'll be basically ripping you off. Another thing, do really avoid booking airport car rentals because you will be truly paying over the odds;)

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