car vs truck rental in Bonaire

Discussion in 'Bonaire' started by VacationBuddy, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. VacationBuddy

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    Bonaire is not a super huge island but if you plan to be there for 2 weeks, I suggest that you hire a truck (not a car) to make the most of your trip to Bonaire. That way you can visit different dive sites around the island. Downtown Kralendijk is where most of the action is but there are many more restaurants, etc outside of town as well.
  2. savewilly

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    I too would agree on choosing a pick-up, not only because of the road conditions in Bonaire but pick-ups are perfect for carrying dive gear. price wise, you can expect to pay around $230 weekly for a car rental.
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    Driving on Bonaire is very easy because of the lack of traffic, though you want to learn the Dutch road signs to avoid confusion. For instance, there is "stop"like sign that actually means no stopping. Other than that, driving outside of downtown is a breeze though many roads become a one-lane so you need to remember that.

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