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    I am thinking of to spend my next vacation in the nicest Caribbean beaches. It's purely a beach vacation and like to spend couple of weeks in calm & clean Caribbean beaches with more water activities. So can anyone help on the following?

    1. Which are the best Caribbean beaches to spend about 3 weeks?

    2. When is the cheapest time of year to plan this vacation & the weather during this period?

    3. I would like to visit 4 or 5 Caribbean beaches, so how much will be the total expense approx. including flight, accommodation etc.,?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

  2. Andrew

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    As far as I know the best Caribbean beaches are Anguilla, Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, St Lucia & St Martin Beaches.

    Off season is the cheapest time of the year to visit Caribbean, so you can travel between mid-April to mid-December. By that time hotels and flights slash yp to 50% off their normal rates. During this time, the caribbean beaches are less crowded. Just visit when to go page to get more information.

    And the cost depends upon your stays and other expenses, so search it for the cheap caribean hotels and make a good deal!

    My favourite beaches are Anguilla & Barbados. The Anguilla beaches have perfect white sand shores & offers variety of watersoprts. Anguilla is a tiny isand, but has more then 30 beaches. I nearly spent 2 weeks here and enjoyed luxurious Caribbean beach vacation with more fun. I have Visited the historic olde valley district, history museum and went for bird-watching at Anguilla's thriving salt ponds. The popular spots of Anguilla are Sandy ground, Rendezvous bay, Shoal bay and Meads bay. If you need a comfortable place to stay at Anguilla, then have a look at anguilla hotels page.

    Barbados also has loveliest beaches with golden sand and crystal clear water. You can go for day trips on a pirate ship. snorkeling and scuba diving are most popular activities in Barbados beaches and if you are interested vist Harrison's Cave, Welchman Hall Gully and the Flower Forest. Visit Barbados hotels page to book your accommodation.

    Hope this helps! Have a nice trip:)
  3. kimsmith

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    thanks for your timely response, very helpful to plan my trip. As you suggested I prefer to go to Anguilla & Barbados this year:)
  4. JessicaSen

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    Peurto rico, st. martin , Trinidad,Barbados and many more islands are wonderful. you can even set beach wedding in these Caribbean islands.
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    Best Caribbean Beaches

    It's been a while since we responded to this thread, but the topic is still a huge one among travelers, so we wanted to put in our two cents for other great beach destinations. Seeing pictures of beaches in the Caribbean is usually enough to start you planning a trip, so here are a few of our current favorites:
    *The beaches in Cuba are gorgeous, particularly around Varadero, and with tourism restrictions starting to relax, it's a lot easier to visit than it used to be.
    *St Lucia beaches are truly gorgeous as well, particularly Anse Chastanet, which regularly turns up on top 10 lists for the region.
    *The Cayman Islands' Seven Mile Beach is a great choice as well, and we love the selection of hotels along the beach too.
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    us virgin islands

    nicest caribbean island? that's easy! the us virgin islands is by far the nicest. If you're coming from the States, you have to fly to St. Thomas first as there is no airport on St. John. The weather is hot in the USVI but definitely not unbearable and the beaches there are all superb, especially on the north shore. Have fun!

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