Caribbean island-hopping

Discussion in 'Jamaica' started by 87juno, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. 87juno

    87juno New Member

    Why limit yourself to just one Caribbean island when you can visit more? My suggestion is combining three Caribbean Islands in your trip such as Antigua, St Kitts and Tobago. LIAT airlines, Winair and Air Antilles are the main inter-island carriers in the Caribbean.
  2. 34jopux

    34jopux New Member

    I would use San Juan Puerto Rico as a base for your island hopping. You can get pretty much anywhere in the Caribbean from San Juan thanks to regional carriers like Cape Air and Seaborne.
  3. tempa456

    tempa456 New Member

    US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin islands are also a good base as they have ferries going back and forth between many of the Caribbean islands.


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