Carnival Drink Package Limit

Discussion in 'Cruises' started by mitraveler, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    Carnival is launching a new program where guests pay for all their alcohol in advance---and the package has a 15-drink maximum. That doesn't include soda pop and water.

    So far, it's on only 13 of the ships, but the program may be expanded.

    Are the days of free-flowing booze gone?
  2. Fallout-boyi

    Fallout-boyi New Member

    Sounds like a lot of alcoholic drinks but apparently the limit of 15 drinks is only within a 24 hour period, which is strange to say the least. However, that's not the worst part of this new drink package..According to Carnival, if one adult in a cabin purchases the package, all adults over 21 years old in that cabin must purchase too. This means, if you dont consume alcoholic beverages but your husband does you also have to? that doesn't sound right, does it?
  3. Nouplo

    Nouplo New Member

    Carnival encouraging over drinking

    Really? I think Carnival may be shooting themselves on the foot by coming up with that policy. A lot of my friends drink but their wives, partners and/or husbands don't and viceversa. Saying this, I know people who could drink 15 drinks a day so the 24-hour period seems to me that will encourage over drinking.
  4. De34ht7

    De34ht7 New Member

    Carnival's drink package is flawed

    I think Carnival's drink package limit would fly better with people if Carnival didn't make everybody in the cabin buy it. Think about it..even if you're sharing it doesnt matter because you wont get more than 15 drinks a day any ways. It doesnt matter if someone drinks 15 drinks all by themselves or with their friend because you'd still be paying the same price for the 15 drinks. Carnival is obviously out to make huge profits by forcing the package on non-drinkers!
  5. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    I'm sure that Carnival will come out ahead with this. It's not really fair to make nondrinkers purchase this package. But cruising is rife with unfair purchases, right?

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