Carnival is coming in August

Discussion in 'Antigua and Barbuda' started by wanderer, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. wanderer

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    Most places celebrate Carnival in late winter or early spring, but Antigua celebrates in August. This year, August 6 and 7 and set aside as a holiday for Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday. It's a celebration of the island's history, as Antigua Carnival remembers the emancipation of the slaves and other events.
  2. mitraveler

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    I would have expected to find Carnival in August, but that is really. It would be nice to go to the islands when it's so hot at home. Anyone else sick of this weather? I'd love a nice cooling ocean breeze right and a chance to celebrate Carnival. The Antigua weather is warm right now, but if you're on the beach, it's automatically better.
  3. shaslikjhon

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    Notting Hill Carnival/Olympics

    the only carnival im thinking of this year is the one in London - the Notthing Hill Carnival will be the one to go to this year because of the Olympics. I even heard a delegation from Rio de Janeiro are in London to advise the organizers of Notting Hill Carnival..should be smashing;)
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    If anyone knows how to throw a Carnival party, it would be the people from Rio. They know how to party! I hope the Nob Hill party is a lot of fun.

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