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Discussion in 'Grenada' started by Evan61, Sep 12, 2017.

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    Is there any ferry trip available from Grenada to Carriacou? If so how long will it take? can anyone advice. Also, nice places to visit in Carriacou? what is very special in Carriacou, and nice restaurants with relaxed atmosphere to have dinner? Looking for nice suggestions. Thanks.
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    Carriacou is located very close to Grenada, and it'll be a just a short journey by ferry. The ferry dock is located in Hillsborough, and you can reach within 2 hrs. Leeward Islands, Paradise Beach, Carriacou Museum and Anse La Roche Bay are some of the must see attractions in Carriacou. The Paradise Beach is one of the best beaches of Grenada, and you can do snorkeling here. Check out things to do page for more details. For dining, Bogles Round House, Laurena II, Lazy Turtle and Green Roof Inn are some of the nice restaurants to have dinner. Have a great trip at Carriacou!

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