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Discussion in 'Montana' started by davidderon, Jun 10, 2010.

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    In august we'll be heading to Montana and during our vacation I'd like to enjoy some gambling if possible..where can I find most of the casinos and are they located all in one area?
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    hi there,

    Kalispell has over 10 gaming casinos offering around twenty video gaming machines, although the Sawbuck Saloon Casino also offers some table games.

    If interested in poker, the Remington Casino in Whitefish is a popular gambling destination in Montana where you can enjoy poker games.

    However, in the city of Billings you'll find the most casinos which are also hotels. For instance, the Billings Hotel has also a casino with many gaming machines and hundreds of table rooms.
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    It looks like the number of Montana casinos is really growing. Pretty much any big city (by Montana standards) will have a casino, including Billings, Butte and Great Falls.

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