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Discussion in 'Iowa' started by felinefirend, Jan 27, 2011.

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    what's Iowa's longest and most spectacular cave, and where is best for enjoying guided cave tours on foot?
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    I've explored just about every inch of the Maquoketa Caves Park and I can tell you a bit more about these Iowa caves in particular.

    Most of these caves are a fairly tight squeeze in places, so you may find it a problem if you're claustrophobic. Having said this, there are also some nice large caves that you can just stroll right trough like taking a walk in the park.

    A word of caution though, be aware of the weather in Iowa as thunder storms can show up so quick, and since the caves are an aqueduct system they're prone to flooding.

    But for the most part, the Maquoketa Caves Park is nice and quiet and the caves a good to explore, especially on a hot summer day to get some nice cool air and a break from the heat.
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    Caves in Iowa

    There's so much more to Iowa than corn! The state has a rather unique geography, especially with the limestone bluffs lining the Mississippi River. Beneath the surface, there's an amazing network of caves. Many of these caves are open for you to explore. Danny mentioned Maquoketa Caves Park, but there are some more.

    Crystal Lake Cave is located close to Dubuque....the family-run cave offers guided tours from May through October.

    Spook Cave is also in Eastern Iowa, in McGregor. This underground tour happens on a boat, so you don't have to walk to explore this cave!

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