Cayman Island Turtles

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    It's always fun to watch wildlife, and the Cayman Islands is a great place to connect with turtles. These friendly little green guys congregate in the warm waters around the Cayman Islands, and visitors have many places to see the turtles. One of the best place to find them is Boatswains Beach Turtle Farm. There's a whole bunch to do here, like hiking, snorkeling, and even sampling turtle in the restaurant. I can't say I've had turtle, but it's a traditional dish in the Cayman Islands.
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    the turtle farm is ok but if you want to see them outside of a facility is best you head to Seven Mile beach. Along the beach you can see turtles hanging out by Sunset House in George Town. By the way, isn't kinda weird to eat turtles in the Cayman islands when you're going there to swim with them.?
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    that's true but if you're only visiting the island for a short trip or cruise your best bet is to go to Boatswain's farm. there, you'll see all kinds of turtles as far as 500 pounds big. Also, they have tanks which means you get the opportunity to touch hatchling and baby turtles. Aside from turtles, the farm also has sharks, fish, and birds on display;)

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