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    So I have to go the Cedar Falls Iowa on business and nealess to say not thrilled about it! why couldn't if be Florida...anyway thats anoher story. any reommendations on things to do and places to stay when i get there? I have a down day so could even do a road trip if there's anything worthwhile to see. A big ball of yarn? smallest house? something....
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    Hi there,

    Iowa is a modern place that has incredible areas of natural beauty and landscapes that remain untouched by agriculture thanks to their ruggedness and inaccessibility.

    Some of the more popular places to stay can be found on the main Indian reservations. Many Native American tribes now operate large casinos on their lands, and these include entertainment and excellent facilities. Iowa Casinos are renowned as some of the best outside Las Vegas, and attract many of the states visitors from overseas and locally.

    One popular thing visitors do in Cedar Falls it is to visit the UNI-DOME for UNI Panther football games.

    Cedar Falls also, has nearly 70 miles of paved biking road so biking around the town it is a fantastic way to explore what this vibrant town with restaurants, clubs, theater, antique shops, new public library & a beautifully restored Victorian hotel has to offer.

    Hope this helps
    Vacation Buddy

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