Celebrating Christmas Eve in Poland

Discussion in 'Poland' started by isjustcrasg, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. isjustcrasg

    isjustcrasg New Member

    hi i am thinking of taking my family to Poland for spend Christmas Eve there. what part of Poland would you suggest staying?
  2. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    I think Warsaw is one of the best places to spend Christmas in Poland, mainly because most people speak English there. Warsaw is a bustling place and during Christmas the capital is even more beautiful, specially the Old Town of Warsaw which is a great place to see lovely medieval buildings and narrow streets.

    The main square in Warsaw boasts a vast Christmas tree each Christmas season and all the stores and shops across the city put up decorations and displays.
  3. try4you

    try4you New Member

    that's an easy one, in the countryside! However, if you're visiting for the first time I'd say to stay in either Warsaw or Krakow. Polish rural areas are the best places to go in Poland to experience the old Polish Christmas Eve customs such as grinding poppy seed on Christmas Eve to hope for a quick marriage.
  4. thistownno

    thistownno New Member

    i've been to the czech republic, poland, and germany, and Christmas isn't much different from one place to the other. In most European countries, christmas celebrations are very similar..the only that changes is the language and traditions of course. for instance, in Poland Santa Claus happens on Decmeber 6 and not December 24 (Christmas Eve).

    Also, I'd suggest traveling to the major cities of Krakow and Warsaw if you want to see Christmas trees lit up in town squares, Christmas markets, etc.

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