Central Park's Lasker rink Reopens today

Discussion in 'New York' started by DimitryJok, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. DimitryJok

    DimitryJok New Member

    Good news new yorkers and tourists! Lasker Rink in Central Park has reopened today. They initially said that it would be expected to be closed for most of the winter because of extensive repairs needed. But no, it's back open again. I think the problem was some leaking valves but it's all fixed now:)
  2. villassun

    villassun New Member

    I think Lasker rink is the least crowded ice rink in Central Park but it's fairly small. Saying this, I suggest going to this one because it's out of the way of New York's major tourist spots of the city so it won't be as busy as the other one. Skating rentals were about 5 bucks for the whole day...
  3. historyY

    historyY New Member

    the other ice rink you are referring to in Central Park is the Trump Rink, which gets super busy but it's huge. You can skate also at Bryant Park but it's not the same as skating at the Trump Rink in Central Park with the buildings of New York twinkling in the background.

  4. FionaRichards

    FionaRichards New Member

    I went there 3 weeks ago and loved it. Im so happy it reopened in 2014 :)

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