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    The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas kicked off this week touting the latest and greatest in consumer electronic gadgets. MSN has feature videos showing at http://tech.msn.com/guides/ces/default.aspx for all you tech geeks! CES in Las Vegas is always a great time the city comes alive with plenty of money begin thrown around at the clubs and hotels. The crowd is younger than your typical Vegas crowd but doe get a little heavy with suits. The girls that make their living in Vegas sure do like it though.

    If anyone is attending it would be great to hear your thoughts!

    V E G A S 2007
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    Hey D360,

    I'll be at the consumer electronics show on thursday and I'll try and get back to you with some highlights. Here's a few quick facts:

    -140,000 attendees are expected to flock to Sin City this week
    -3,000 exhibitors (including companies like Motorola, Samsung, Sony and Microsoft) will unveil new technologies, gadgets and partnerships.
    - This is the 40th Anniversary of the International CES

    Parties! Technology! and Sin City! What could be better...
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    Niiice! I saw Bill Gates on some kind of press conference for this event. He announced the Zune (Microsoft's answer to the iPod) was going to start including games. Weird yet cool? (Wouldn't it just be another PDA w/o the datebook?) If anyone else is there, I'd be interested to hear any other great additions to the world of technology!

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