Cheap accommodation in London?

Discussion in 'UK' started by lena.thompson, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. lena.thompson

    lena.thompson New Member

    I'm planning on travelling to London for a couple of days in September. Can anyone recommend a cheap and good accommodation in central London?

  2. Lynnie81

    Lynnie81 Moderator

    London is absolutely jam packed with accommodation. Especially around the city centre this a huge selection of places to stay. If you look at the London Hotel page you will see the variety on offer. The busiest and most popular area (where you will find more of the attractions) is the West End, so you would be looking for accommodation there. The hotels here will all be within walking distance of the most popular tourist attractions, however, if you do need to travel a little further the London Underground will get you from A to B easily enough.

    If you are looking for the cheapest accommodation possible i would suggest you take a look at the London Hostels page.
  3. louisekasemeier

    louisekasemeier New Member

    The London School of Economics(LSE) makes all its student accommodation available to travelers during the summer and spring holidays (until sept 27). Its cheap, convenient and good standard. You can even get ensuite! Take a look at their web site here at www dot lsevacations dot co dot uk. (sorry, forum won't let me post an actual link :()
  4. rajeshsuhag

    rajeshsuhag New Member


    It’s depends on your budget where you would like to stay in London. There are so many places where you stay. I want to suggest some hotels Best Western Victoria Palace, Ashburn Hotel, Jurys Clifton Ford Hotel, Melia White House Hotel, Grosvenor Kensington Hotel, Henry VIII and many others. Also you could plan ahead and look a the Nightlife or the Tourist attractions like Big Ben or Buckingham Palace.
  5. shubhranshu

    shubhranshu New Member

    Bayswater area is full of budgetary hotels and eating out places, here, you may try Blakemore Hotel. Another area famous for cheap accommodation is Paddington, here you may stay at Darlington Hyde Park Hotel that is a midrange hotel. Kensington and Victoria are also the hub of good cheap hotels.
  6. Spaniola

    Spaniola New Member


    Another idea is to go B&B, it's a bit more personal and you can get some great information from your "local informant". Inside info from people that live there is just so valuable not only for what to see while you're there but the local culture.

    Enjoy your tripLondon and experience some of its fantastic nightlife.
  7. starteasycareer

    starteasycareer New Member


    These are the local results for cheapest accomodations in London:

    Ashley Hotel - +44 20 7723 9966

    Jubilee Hotel - +44 20 7834 0873

    Park Hotel Victoria - +44 20 7834 3118

    Stanley House Hotel - +44 20 7834 7292

    Brunel Hotel - +44 20 7262 4481

    Edward Hotel - +44 20 7262 2671

    Lord Jim Hotel - +44 20 7370 6071

    Glendale Hyde Park Hotel - +44 20 7706 4441

    Cecil Court Hotel - +44 20 7262 3881

    Piccolino Hotel - +44 20 7402 4439

    Thank you..
  8. LondonNest

    LondonNest New Member

    London Nest helps student and young professionals coming to the capital find accommodation for short or long stay.

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  9. RinaC

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    Check Dormis.cоm. There are many vacation rentals of different price range around the city.

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