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Discussion in 'Italy' started by gofor45, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. gofor45

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    hey guys,

    I am looking at options for cheap accommodation in Sardinia..we'll be staying in Alghero and Cagliari, any ideas of cheap accommodation there?
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    hi there,

    If you are looking for cheap lodging in Sardinia, it does not get a whole lot cheaper than the accommodations you will find at local hostels.

    Hostels in Sardinia are a great bet if you want to explore the island on a shoestring budget. For instance, hostels like the Casa Del Sole in Alghero and Sa Domu Cheta in Cagliari are great examples of clean and comfortable hostels.

    You can also rent rooms that have private bathrooms but this is a plus as many hostels feature a communal shower.

    hope this helps

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