Cheap Airline Tickets for Students

Discussion in 'Flights' started by wanderer, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Does anyone have a line on cheap airline tickets for students or any advice?
  2. FelipeHerxx

    FelipeHerxx New Member

    Student Universe

    I've booked many plane ticket for international travel through Student Universe and their discounts are usually unmatchable by anyone else. Last time I booked through Student Universe was to get tickets for a roundtrip from NYC to London for new years eve, and the ticket prices were as listed.

  3. Sourlko

    Sourlko New Member

    avoid students websites

    I would personally stay clear from websites such as Student Universe and Sta Travel who are aimed at students. These companies are really fraudulent and pray on many student's naivety when it comes to be internet savvy. Just check reviews on them and you'll be amazed the amount of complaints they receive.
  4. NatalieRoss

    NatalieRoss New Member

    shop around for airfare

    Students are no different to other budget a budget traveler myself and what I do it's a fair amount of shopping around when it comes to buying airfare. Time and time again, I've found the best deals from Student Universe, though it's a matter of looking around.

  5. messyroom

    messyroom New Member

    student websites

    to any students out there...student websites aren't on the side of students. Many of these websites need to be investigated for fraud because they are ripping off a lot of students and I for one is more than just alittle upset about it!
  6. vengaboys

    vengaboys New Member

    avoid peak travel seasons

    I second that natalieross! Spring break is a good example of a ripe time for students to be ripped off and most students are clueless to it all. From expensive flight tickets, hotels, etc. The bottom line is that if you're traveling during a peak season of travel you will find it hard-pressed to get cheap airfare!

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