Cheap Booze on a plane

Discussion in 'Flights' started by slone, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. slone

    slone Guest

    Orange Juice is Free + 1 oz vodkas from your local liquor store. Drinks at 1/3 the price of airlines~
  2. ToliaJohn

    ToliaJohn New Member

    what airliners offer OJ for free? is it ok to pack alcohol in your check-luggage and do airlines allow to bring your own booze? I was thinking of putting some liquor bottles of alcohol into my carry-on and mixing my own drinks. Will the TSA object to this? What are the rules?
  3. areyouthere?

    areyouthere? New Member

    You can put alcohol in your checked luggage on domestic flights in the US, but as far as i know not for international flights. For instance, Saudi Arabia, do not allow alcohol to be brought into the country. Canada has also something similar where you are required to posses an import license to bring in alcohol in large quantities.
  4. morningdatr

    morningdatr New Member

    dont drink and fly

    i think you're allowed to put alcohol in your carry-on bag, though it's illegal to drink alcohol on a plane unless served to you by the crew members. Also, if you're thinking on sneaking booze on a plane best you forget about it because you'll get on a heap of trouble. Nowadays, airlines wont tolerate drunk passengers on their plane, which is so welcome. Having your flight diverted because of some drunk heads is no fun at all!
  5. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    It seems like these days they're looking for reasons to kick passengers off flights. Remember Alec Baldwin and Words with Friends? I wouldn't do anything to mess with the flights. However, where do we find all the rules? I've never read anywhere that this is not allowed.
  6. doenhillRacer

    doenhillRacer New Member

    Follow the rules, please

    lol...baldwin is such a loose cannon. Doesn't surprise me the slightest he got kicked off his flight. He refused to turn off his cell phone because of his apparent addiction to the Words with Friends game, which is lame. Just because you're famous doesn't mean you are better than everyone else on earth....baldwin got schooled big time(lol).

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