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Discussion in 'Cruises' started by mitraveler, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. mitraveler

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    CNN has a list of how to save money on a cruise and other vacations. I bet we can come up with more. What would add to their list?

    --Travel between Halloween and Thanksgiving or between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    --Ski at the end of the season in the spring.
    --Go to desert cities when it's really hot (It was 112 when I was in Phoenix last, and I loved it!)
    --Winter is a good time to find deals for your vacations.
  2. VenetianIsalnds

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    how to save money on a cruise

    A few more I'd add would be: using the ship's laundry services, get a pre-purchase package for meals and spa services, and bringing your own wine. However, the catch is that there will be a $10-$20 corkage fee if you bring the bottle into the dining room.
  3. shallowloagoon

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    i think one of the best ways to save money on a cruise vacation is to avoid the busy season. The January-through-March period is traditionally the busiest time of the year to book a cruise, and as you can imagine cheap deals will be hard to find. Also, I suggest calling up the cruise company to ask for any specials and additional discounts (you'll be surprised how much you will save just by doing this).
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    A double-occupancy inside cabin shouldn't cost more than roughly $200 a day, so if you're paying more than $100 a day, per person, you're paying too much for just about any cruise, even cruising to Alaska, which is more expensive than cruising to Europe. Also, when comparing cruises is a good idea to look for cruise deals that offer extras and gratuities, and not to overlook luxurious cruises simply because they are more expensive. Sometimes expensive cruises will actually work out cheaper in the long run because they include extras.

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