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Discussion in 'Sri Lanka' started by pokhuy, May 31, 2011.

  1. pokhuy

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    I have found a really cheap deal to Sri Lanka so can anyone who has been there tell me is it worth going just for the week? and also what to expect and what there is to do nearby, the place i may stay is Ranweli Village, will that be near Colombo airport? is this a good hotel?
  2. Danny

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    Ranweli Village is about 20 miles from Colombo and probably 10 miles from Colombo Airport. I think this place may be a good choice since it's a touristy area, so won't have to worry about safety. In fact, the rest of sri lanka is very safe compared to a few years back.

    As far as food and drinks, they are very cheap though most tourists hotels offer western style food if you fancy instead.

    Attractions wise, the Elephant orphanage is a top tourist attraction and shouldn't cost more than $20. Other staff you can do nearby Ranweli include surfing, water skiing, boat rides, etc.
  3. shootandscore

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    A good Eco friendly resort which not only provide good accomodation but a great way to explore Nature and Culture. You can check the rates and reserve your rooms online as well. People in Sri Lanka usually pick these resorts for weddings as well and i must say that it is a good option for vacation in Sri Lanka.
  4. avoidAll

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    going to Sri lanka for week? uhmm, by the time you arrive there and unpack you will be ready to leave. Seriously, I dont think you can anywhere in southeast asia for a's just not worth it! Most people go there for 3 weeks or 2 weeks...
  5. insideme34

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    go for 3 weeks to Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka has so much wildlife, beautiful beaches, and yummy foods to taste that you'll seriously regret it going there for such a short period of time. I remember crying my eyes out when I had to leave after spending a month in Sri Lanka..didn't want to leave!

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