Cheap Disney vacation packages

Discussion in 'Florida' started by wanderer, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Cheap is relative when you're talking about Disney, but is there a good source for finding cheap Disney vacation packages?
  2. Pauseover

    Pauseover New Member

    are Disney vacation packages worth it?

    good luck finding Disneyland packages for your family vacation because you'll be faced with so many choices offered by hundreds of companies. I thought a Disneyland package was a good way to go about going to Disney for less but there are more expensive. the only thing good about Disney vacation packages are the extras like a Magic Morning early entrance into Disneyland.
  3. Dontknow

    Dontknow New Member

    Disney vacation packages not worth it!

    true that! Disney ain't cheap but it's one of those things you gotta do at least once. I still remember what a great time I had with my kids on the pirates of the Caribbean dark boat ride and the haunted mansion dark ride. Don't bother booking a Disneyland vacation you go right after the holidays when there are less crowds and book yourself into a nearby hotel.

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