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Discussion in 'Spain' started by joe, Sep 11, 2006.

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    It's looking like steps are being taken to significantly reduce costs for travelers within Spain. Budget airlines are running to take advantage of Spanish fliers who have been rocked by steep domestic flight prices (~$300 to fly from Madrid to Tenerife, for example). Many of these airlines will also offer international flights, though it's unknown how far these flights will take you.

    "EasyJet is investing €100 million (£68 million) to make Madrid’s Barajas airport its new hub in Spain. The British low-cost carrier is expected to shake up the Spanish market this week by unveiling a string of new routes from Madrid, both domestic and international. The company is thought to have been granted slots to fly from Madrid to the Canary Islands and the northern cities of Asturias and Bilbao. EasyJet will make the new routes public this week, but promises that they will transform Spain’s domestic air travel market.

    "'Thirty per cent of all flights in Spain are low-cost, but we believe this figure is sure to rise,' Arnaldo Muñoz, EasyJet’s head of Southern Europe, said."

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    I think this is a good idea for the Spanish domestic flight markets, my knowledge tells me that there is only two airlines which provide domestic services in Spain (Iberia and Spanair), but due to experience these are quite pricey! It would be a good idea for a "No Frills" airline to be able to provide low cost flights in Spain. Not only would it help out citizens with a majority of them earning a low income, but it would also help the economy too!
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    Try using the "build your trip" flight comparsion tool it will search multiple websites and get you the best price.
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    check out spanair and you will find flights anywhere in Spain for under 100 US$
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    With the "crisis" in this moment even Iberia seems cheaper that the rest of the companies

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