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Discussion in 'India' started by rosenelson, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. rosenelson

    rosenelson New Member

    Which airline provide cheapest flight tickets to India?
  2. JereyParkson

    JereyParkson New Member

    airlines flying to India

    where are you flying from? I'd suggest booking your flight through Air India. It's India's national carrier and offers non-stop daily flights as well as stops and layovers, which will be the cheaper option. Other than that have a look at other airlines such as Korean Airline, Singapore, Lufthansa and Cathay Pacific because they also fly into Bombay.
  3. WAporter

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    Finding Flights to India

    Best way to find out which airline offers the cheapest flights is to look for internet deals using booking engines like cheap tickets or expedia, though do keep an eye out for special deals on domestic airlines like Continental, which flies into Ahmedabad, Gauhati, Hubli, Kochi/Cochin, Nagpur and Varanasi.
  4. springbloom1

    springbloom1 New Member

    It's hard to say if you don't say where the departure will be....Have you tried Syrian Air and Air Lanka? You're looking at around $400 (off-season) from most places major cities in Europe (Frankfurt, Paris, London, etc).
  5. ukinsurance

    ukinsurance New Member

    I think you should opt for no frills airlines like Jet Lite, though I do not know if they offer international flights also.
  6. devip

    devip New Member

    I too have similar query if flying from Australia which could be the cheapest airline. Does Indian airlines have an special deals on internet booking of air tickets?
  7. nitinslash

    nitinslash New Member

    Flights fare frequently vary so I think you should be compare the fare from other OTA sites.

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