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Discussion in 'El Salvador' started by vengaboys, May 24, 2011.

  1. vengaboys

    vengaboys New Member

    hi guys, i am wondering about budget accommodation in el salvador, as we r on a limited budget. where do you think is best to base in the country? any ideas of cheap hotels you could suggest?
  2. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    I'd definitely suggest to base yourself in the capital San Salvador, as there are lots of budget hotels who cater mostly for backpackers.

    Some of the best cheap hotels in El Salvador I have found are Villa Serena Flor Blanca Hotel,
    Villa Serena San Benito Hotel, Villa Serena Escalón Hotel, La Bermuda 1525 Hotel and Hotel Grecia Real
  3. Dion

    Dion New Member

    If you are budget traveler then hostel is the best option but if you want to stay in hotels then have to look at different hotel booking websites. Some of the well know websites are and Expedia. I few months back I have been to Amsterdam and have booked a really nice hotel for less than £20 per day which was quite a bargain.
  4. ashlyn

    ashlyn New Member

    Why don't you try to contact some travel agencies? They can provide you many options within your budget. Also, sometimes they are offering many deals if you stay at their recommended hotels.

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