Cheap train tickets in Europe

Discussion in 'Vacations' started by wanderer, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    What is the best way to find cheap train tickets in Europe? What is the trick and what advice can you share?
  2. jimmylilly

    jimmylilly New Member

    train tickets in Europe

    if you want to find cheap train tickets it's best you travel to Europe during the off-season...May, September, are all good months to go to Europe and find cheap tickets. Also, iIt's likely to be cheaper to buy point-to-point tickets there than in advance unless you are traveling long distances daily.
  3. janeSaunders

    janeSaunders New Member

    dont use RailEurope

    you can get big discounts on train tickets if you buy in advance online directly from each countries rail company. I find that RailEurope and similar resellers dont offer cheap rates even when you travel during the low season.
  4. saved-by-the-bell

    saved-by-the-bell New Member

    buying Rail Europe tickets

    I normally buy tickets with Rail Europe or EuroStar though I find prices can be cheaper when buying through Rail Europe. However, Rail Europe does not always portray the cheapest fares they actually sell, which is why you want to do a manual check. When buying tickets through Rail Europe over the phone remember that they charges 10% extra for phone orders.
  5. JohnConstantine

    JohnConstantine New Member

    Cheap train tickets

    I too book my train tickets through Rail Europe..the main reason i do is because you can book tickets 9 months in advance. Wherever you do, don't buy tickets right at the station if you want to save money. It's easier to wait last minute but buying in advance means cheaper tickets always. Also, look out for Rail Europe's special discounts on train tickets before the summer.

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