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    hi guys,

    If I want to purchase a Wisconsin travel package, can i get one during the summer months? Also, what time of the year is the best time to enjoy a Wisconsin vacation?
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    hi there,

    I would say the best way to secure Wisconsin vacation deals is to travel during the off-season, and that means traveling outside the summer months.

    The only draw back it's that summer in Wisconsin is perhaps the best time to enjoy Wisconsin state parks, water parks, and golf courses.

    Even if you're traveling to the state in the summertime, you can still book relatively cheap Wisconsin vacations.

    If you like golf, many top golf resorts offer stay-and-play vacation packages that will hardly break the bank, even when you plan your trip for June, July, or August.

    In Sheboygan, for instance, you can enjoy villa lodging and a round of golf on the renowned Jack Niklaus-designed golf course for a fair fee in the summertime.

    Hope this helps

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