cheapest time to go new york from australia

Discussion in 'Australia' started by weeehe, Sep 10, 2013.

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    You will find that traveling to the US is most expensive from end of May (from Memorial Day) thru the first Monday in September (Labor day). Therefore, the cheapest time to go New York from Australia will be anytime outside of the summer season (Memorial Day thru Labor Day). I suggest booking flights for traveling to NYC in early May because the weather is gorgeous without being terribly hot, crowded, or expensive.
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    The flight from Australia to New York is a long tip is to select seats ahead of time and choose a window or an aisle seat. The reason I say this is because the middle seat always fills up last, which means if the plane is not full, you'll get the middle seat empty.
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    If you are flying over from Melbourne/Sydney, I would choose to break up the trip in 2 stop overs to make the flight cheaper. Honolulu and LA are the most popular places for a stopover but you could also choose Rarotonga (cook islands), Guam or Tahiti.
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    Two things. First, airlines won't sell tickets more than a year in advance. It just isn't possible for them to plan clearly enough out any farther than that.

    Second, muck about with SkyScanner. You'll find the prices airlines are offering for all available dates. But remember that these are simply prices that airlines are offering now if you buy a ticket for then those prices can and do change pretty frequently, sometimes following the usual curve of things getting more expensive the closer you get to your departure date, but sometimes not. Farecast is the only site of which I'm aware that attempts to deal with not only cheap prices, but changing prices.

    Ultimately, it's kind of a crap shoot. Though you can be relatively confident that the price you're paying is the lowest available, it's almost impossible to know with any degree of certainty that the price you're paying will be the lowest one. Do a little research and buy a ticket.

    On the issue of when to go, I think you'll find that US travel prices tend to jump at the end of May and rise continually until August. This is because the "summer" as a travel season runs from Memorial Day (May 30) to Labor day (the first Monday in September), and those two three-day weekends account for a significant amount of travel for Americans. Things like pools and beaches are usually open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, etc. So early or mid May is probably your best bet for things being gorgeous without being terribly hot, crowded, or expensive. NYC really is lovely that time of year.

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