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Discussion in 'United Arab Emirates' started by findthelock, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. findthelock

    findthelock New Member

    Dubai is great to visit all year around but if you really want to get more bang for your bucks, I suggest heading there in July/August and during Ramadan. Book with tour companies like Bestattravel, Destinology, Letsgo2, Southtravels, etc are all good. Mind you though, I should point out too that July/ August is super hot in Dubai so be prepared;)
  2. CarlGhio

    CarlGhio New Member

    if you're not used to the intense heat, avoid going to dubai in july or august because you won't enjoy it. the shopping malls/hotels do have air con though, but the minute you venture out to the desert areas (which you should), the heat will be overwhelming.
  3. The80'srock!

    The80'srock! New Member

    Heat? Well that's Dubai and pretty much most places in the Middle East. The heat is part of the charm of going to Dubai, which is a great place but not somewhere where I would live. Dubai is a place for having a good time, especially as a westerner.....not sure the monarchy there is all that great.
  4. curlysue

    curlysue New Member

    We've tried June coz the airfare is cheap but you wouldn't like the weather!

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