cheapest way to fly from Quito to Cuzco

Discussion in 'Peru' started by Divaa, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Divaa

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    I just wanted to let other travelers know that flights from Quito to Cuzco via Lima are extremely expensive. You can get a cheaper fare by flying from Quito to Lima and then onwards to Cuzco. LAN airlines, TACA and TAME airlines are the major airlines offering flights from Quito to Lima; while STAR PERU and PERUVIAN airlines operate flights to Cusco.
  2. kookoo

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    Unfortunately, when it comes to flying you have to do it via Lima. What the original poster suggested is a good way to get a cheaper fare. Generally speaking you get the best deal through LAN or Avianca. Most direct flights from Quito To Cuzco will cost around $500. I have a done a quick search and flying from Quito to Lima via Tame flight is around $160 plus $100 for Star or Peruvian, which will make the whole trip around $260 (almost a saving of $250!)
  3. Torsewe

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    It's a pity that this route (Quito-Cuzco) can't really be done by bus. There are buses servicing this route but you will spend so long on the bus (about a day) that is almost pointless bussing it. As far as airlines, I was going to suggest the All America Airpassia (Lima - Cusco - Lima - Quito) for $470 + tax, but unfortunetly they discontinued offering the All America Airpass as per January 31st 2012.

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