cheapest way to get around in Morocco

Discussion in 'Morocco' started by poteramon09, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. poteramon09

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    Does Morocco have a public transportation system? how do people travel and what is the cheapest way to get around in Morocco?

  2. Jenna

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    The bus in Morocco is king and most people use it because it's also the cheapest mode of transport.

    If you plan to use the bus mainly, it's best to stick to the main companies when you can, although it's sometimes necessary to rely on the smaller carriers when trying to get to more remote destinations.

    Car rental is another great transportation option in Morocco if you do want to have more freedom and explore other areas so don't count it out.
  3. BlackEyes

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    There are also other great ways to get around in Morocco. The country does have a good transportation system. The best way to go around the cities would be the taxi cabs.

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