Cherry Blossom Season

Discussion in 'Japan' started by everyann, Aug 15, 2006.

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    Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) are Japan's unoffical flower. These flowers bloom annually and there are many "Cherry Blossom Festivals" that can be experienced throughout Japan. Depending on where you are in Japan the Cherry Blossoms may bloom as early as January or as late as May. These beautiful flowers do not last very long so you'll want to catch the season at the right time.

    Helpful Tip:
    Check this site for an estimated time of the first blossoms.
  2. travelmaniac02

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    really nice flower.... been the inspiration of some arts in Japan. thanks for the tip. =)
  3. taramcdonald

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    Hi, A good book on chasing the cherry blossom front from south to north Japan is Hokkaido Highway Blues by Will Ferguson. It will inspire you to see the cherry blossom!

  4. adest

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    Perhaps sakura has the closest link with Japanese culture. Sakura trees can be seen all over Japan from the northern end to southern.
  5. Nick_1ipl

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    NIce Info.. !!
  6. patriciamd

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    Thank you. Cherry Blossoms are very, very beautiful.
  7. helloworldbea

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    Viewing the sakura is a soothing experience. Really beautiful.
  8. patriciamd

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    Some cherry blossom pics:


    Beautiful aren't they?
  9. yami

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    Thanks for the great info.
  10. helloworldbea

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    Thanks! They really are beautiful.
  11. patriciamd

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    Trivia: Did you know that in 1912, Japan gave 3,020 sakura trees as a gift to the US for their fast growing friendship? I bet they didn't know what was going to happen to Hiroshima later...
  12. luxre

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    OHanami is a type of Japanese Music? or festival?
  13. magnusiax

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    Very nice flower, beautiful...
  14. annie2

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    really awesome pictures. I have never ever seen such a beautiful flower like cherry blossom, oh! what a color, that's why it attracts more people to Japan during the season, they are sooooo beautiful, soft and exceptional...
  15. patriciamd

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    That's true. A lot of people also go to Japan just to enjoy viewing cherry blossoms when they fall. It's quite spectacular, really.
  16. mochilera

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    Nice sharing... I heard Japanese would bring their family to book a nice seat in the park, picnic while viewing the Sakura fall..

    It must be like pink snowing.... :)
  17. Somusan

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    Thanks for beautiful pictures!!!
    Do you have more??
  18. Somusan

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    The pictures are very beautiful :)
    Did you take it yourself? Like a photographer!
  19. faye74

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    Hi the Cherry Blossom flower is so beautiful, i have heard so much about it. i will like to take advantage of this new season so that i can see it live with my family.
  20. khatrineluz

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    yo! nice photo out there.... love it!

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