Chesapeake Bay Must Sees?

Discussion in 'Maryland' started by wanderer, Jul 28, 2016.

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    Just found out that I'll be attending a conference next summer in Cecil County, at the top of Chesapeake Bay. I'll have some time off in the evenings and the Friday of the week. What should I do when I leave the resort? Should we head over to Baltimore? How far is DC? Anything else close?

    Thanks for your advice!
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    Hi, well I just moved from L.A and I really having fun here, currently Im living in Bwi, my cousin has been such a good support taking me to see the city, this are the places that I have visit:

    U Shaped Structure
    American Visionary Art Museum
    Baltimore Aquarium
    Reginald F. Lewis Museum
    USS Constellation - Baltimore Harbor
    USS Torsk

    To be honest I haven't been in the Chesapeake Bay region, but I have hear that the Star-Spangled Banner Weekend in September is a great experience.
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    Great list there, Marti. Thanks for sharing! There are some really great places to see in Baltimore. I would add Camden Yards. The ballpark is really welcoming and it is fun even if you're not there for the baseball. From the ballpark, it's a short walk to the Babe Ruth Museum. Along the shore, there are several places to enjoy the shore. Check out one of the lighthouses, eat some really fresh seafood (Maryland is famous for crab), and hit the beach.

    Camden Yards. Photo: Keith Allison
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    Thank you for your suggestions! I had a great trip and the bay is sooooo pretty! I spent a lot of time just overlooking the bay (just like Otis. LOL). I even ate some really good seafood. I'm not much of a seafood fan, but it was pretty good. I liked seeing the lighthouses by the coast, especially the one in Havre de Grace. I love the story of the lightkeeper who kept the English at bay during the War of 1812. And the Turkey Neck lighthouse had a woman keeper. All in all in was pretty great. This is my favorite shot of the sunset over the Bay.

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