Chicago Air and Water Show

Discussion in 'Illinois' started by Vicolette, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Vicolette

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    It's getting close to that time of year when the planes will be high-flying over Lake Michigan. Of all the things to do in Chicago, the free air show draws a couple million people to the event, so you know it must be good. This year, the show takes place August 18 and August 19. Don't miss it!
  2. wanderer

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    One of the best places to watch this is the beach. Chicago doesn't have a lot of Lake Michigan beaches, but it does have a few. And during the air show, people just hang out on the beach and look to the skies. I totally recommend it. It's crowded, but cool. And fair warning, if you're planning to drive to Chicago, prepare to pay a ton for parking. Last time I was there, it was $32 for 2 hours. Eek!
  3. Vicolette

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    I don't think the astronomical price for parking has changed. My brother flew up this weekend to visit his daughter and they're doing everything by foot, rail and taxi. Friends drove up from Indiana to visit my brother while he's in Chicago and they're paying $50 a day to park at the hotel. Car rentals are fine if absolutely necessary but if you can hoof it and ride the rails, you'll save a heck of a lot of money to spend on other fun things like going out to dinner, taking in a show, or going to a nightclub after the Air and Water Show!
  4. bodymy

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    Re: downtown Chicago traffic

    I second hoofing it and riding public transport. car rental isn't too expensive but parking fees and jams are extortionate which is why I would use public transport... much cheaper and easier to deal with than dealing with downtown traffic.
  5. onlyyou

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    best spots to see the Chicago Air and Water Show

    the rooftops in Lake Shore Drive are one of the best spots to see the air/water show because you're at eye level, though of course, unless you know someone there you can't simply climb the rooftops. Other than that, I'd say to head for Ohio Street Beach or North Avenue Beach but be sure you get there early, i mean, like 8am to beat the crowds.

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