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Discussion in 'Chile' started by Jenna, May 16, 2013.

  1. Jenna

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    Some tips for eating cheaply in Santiago and other cities around Chile:

    1) When eating out in a restaurant, always go at lunchtime and select the value meal called "Menú".
    2) The average restaurant meal is about $8.
    3) Sandwich and pizza places are the best places for tasting cheap meals without paying too much.
    4) If eating out in the evening, go for the "tablas" option.
    5) Visit the markets like the Mercado Central in Santiago for seafood empanadas.
  2. Karmacoma22

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    It’s easy to eat well and cheap in Santiago....all you have to do is stroll the city streets and look for cart vendors. Btw, while in Chile you gotta try hot dogs (called vienesas), kuchen (a German-style cake) and pastel de choclo, which is filled with beef or chicken, onions, spices and topped with mashed corn.
  3. RedBullCorp

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    Restaurants are great, though remember it's customary to cough up an extra 10% of the bill as a tip in restaurants. Street food is good too but if you are not used to it for the first days you may find yourself hugging a toilet bowl(lol)
  4. lobalsdf

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    Chilean food is come along way for sure..I remember back in the 80s/90s, Chile had a bit of a culinary identity crisis, serving mostly only so-called international food. Im glad Chilean people have started embracing their indigenous recipes like Caldillo de Congrio and Bistec à la Pobre at Eladio (translating loosely as “poor man’s steak).

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