Chilean fjords ferry ride

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    The only ferry company offering a ferry service of the Chilean fjords from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt is NaviMag ferry. They run ferries once a week on a a cargo-type ship and charge around $300 (includes food). The ferry ride takes around 3 days. As far as tickets, you need to buy tickets on the day you want to go at Navimag office at the port, or Navimag's Santiago office.
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    Yes, Navimag is the main ferry service provider from Puerto Natales and Puerto Chacabuco. They charge about $70 per ride per person and $180 per ride to take your car with you. Another ferry company is Naviera Austral which connects Puerto Montt with Chaiten. They charge similar prices.
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    watch the PIO X glacier calve

    I had the opportunity to view the majestic Chilean Fjords during a cruise which allows to experience Chile's Glacier Alley and watch the PIO X glacier which is famous for being the only glacier that grows in size. Seeing this glacier calve was really a spectacle.

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