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Discussion in 'China' started by Thetravelflex, Nov 18, 2014.

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    China is huge and many of the lesser known attractions are actually some of the best in my opinion. Fors instance, the capital of Sichuan is home to the Giant Panda Reserve where you are allowed to hold a Panda (though you have to pay around $150 for the privilege). Another place off the beaten path is Zhangjiajie, also known as the “Hallelujah Mountainsâ€, which is home to the Tianmen mountains where one can take 30 minute cable car across stunning vertical cliffs.
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    Most tourists only know of Beijing, Shanghai, the Great Wall but are pretty clueless about other places. To be fair, I didn't even knew about many places myself like this giant head called the Mao Zedong Head, located in Changsha. The head kinds of reminds me of the four president heads. There are also some cool Buddhist cliff temples to be seen in a place called Mati Si.
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    go to Cuandixia village

    I agree about really venturing out. What's the point to go to China just to see skyscrapers you can see back home? There is a village called Cuandixia that's tucked away in the mountains and has cool restored Ming- and Qing-dynasty courtyard homes. This place can easily be reached from Beijing's Pingguoyuan Station. You can get on the subway or catch the bus 929.

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