Chinese New Year

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    This may not be the first thing travelers think of when planning a trip in January or February, but Chinese New Year is a terrific celebration to see, and cities around the US host parades, parties, and more. 2012 is the Year of the Dragon, and cities from San Francisco to New York are planning their own events.

    Here are a few fun facts about Chinese New Year:
    *Chinese New Year traditionally lasts fifteen days, with most of the biggest celebrations, such as the Festival of Lanterns, falling toward the end.
    *A large majority of the decorations are red because in Chinese culture red is considered one of the luckiest colors.
    *The New Year is regarded as a great time to do some spring cleaning, as it's believed you can sweep last year's bad luck out of your house.
    *There are several traditional foods that are eaten for the holiday, including fish, sticky fruitcakes, and rice ball soup.

    Any other facts to share? Or have you been to a Chinese New Year celebration in your area?
  2. MaryLane

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    Yeah i really agreed... Chine New Year is one the best celebration even here in the United States.. Dragon dancing etc.. Just love it..
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    Chinese New Year in Toronto

    I attended Chinese New Year celebration last year's in Augusta House in Toronto. It was really cool and lost of people showed up dressed in traditional Chinese attire, Chinese Mafia costumes, and girls in bunny suits playboy-style. I didn't have a costume so I wore something with the traditional chinese lucky color RED.
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    Chinese New Year babies

    Chinese New Year is like spring cleaning, New Year and Christmas rolled into one. Also, people try to have babies in the Year of the Dragon so expect a lot of activity.
  5. RaulGonzalez

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    Chinese New Year in china

    Of all the parades I've been to in the States, the one that stands out in my mind this time of year is the Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco's Chinatown. Seeing the dragon passing by and the parades was amazing..I'm planning next year to celebrate the Chinese new year in China.
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    Chinese New Year tradtions

    I know you are supposed to pay your debts during Chinese new year to whoever you owe. Kids usually get little 'lai see,' red envelopes stuffed with money. Another tradition is to say 'Gung hay fat choy,' which literally translated means 'Wish you prosperity.'

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