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Discussion in 'China' started by n_quigity, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. n_quigity

    n_quigity New Member

    I'm wondering about how strict China is when it comes to applying for a visa with a criminal history. The conviction was only a misdemeanor but it involved a forged document. Any advice or experiences would be much appreciated.
  2. ftuley

    ftuley New Member

    I don't think there will be a problem on getting visa. I've looked at the official website of China's central government and no law/regulation/rule said that the one with a cirminal background can't apply for a visa.
    I would apply in person rather than by mail but i read about someone that got it with no problems, he just had to give details of the offense.
  3. goldenruwl

    goldenruwl Guest

    Have you found out the answer? Have you successfully obtained the visa? Advise please.

  4. d360

    d360 Administrator

    I just confirmed with a friend who has traveled to China recently and he recieved a visa and has a criminal history.
  5. zaolee

    zaolee New Member

    You will be asked about your criminal record on the China visa application:
    Section 3
    3.1 If you have been refused for a Chinese visa in or out of China, please select YES. Otherwise, please select No.
    3.2 If you have been refused to enter into or been deported from China, please select YES, please select No.
    3.3 If you have any criminal record in any country including China, please select YES. Otherwise, please select No.


    Recent real life experience:

    I checked the box saying that I have a criminal record. I also wrote a "detailed description" as requested. For the de_script_ion I played down the crime and focused on my remorse for the situation and how it's been over a decade since the crime. When I say I "played down" the crime, I mean I said "I stole money from a store" instead of giving details or specifying the offense.

    To get the visa I applied in person rather than by mail. The interviewer read the description in front of me and my wife, then asked her co-worker something in Chinese while looking at my paperwork, then told me to pick up my visa in a few days: as easy as that! I've already picked it up and I'm ready to go.

    In the UK you can get a copy of your criminal record by submitting a "Subject Access" request form to your local police precinct.
    Under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 'Right of Subject Access' an individual is entitled to make a Subject Access request to an organization for information which may be held about them.

    If you wish to obtain up-to-date details of any criminal records in the UK, you will need to make a subject access request directly to the police force in the area where you currently or last resided in the UK.

    In the USA, the fastest way to see your criminal record is to visit the website of the State and county where you live. Typically they publish criminal records, although some websites charge a small fee. Private companies can run national criminal background search and give you the results on the internet. However for visa purposes, you need to ask the embassy of the country you plan to visit, what is acceptable. Usually you will need to get a criminal background check from the State in which you live.
  6. charles mayer

    charles mayer New Member

    I'm about to apply for a visa, and am grateful for the advice seen here.
    I have one conviction, possession with intent to supply ecstasy, from last year, and I'm just out of prison.
    I've applied through my local police station today 8 Jul 08 for a copy of my criminal record, which will take 'up to 40 days' and cost me £10 admin fee. And the police were quick and nice.
    I have downloaded the visa application form and can see the 'criminal record' bit glaring at me...
    I want to leave for China in Oct 08, 3 months' time, and I'll keep you posted as to my progress.

    Any advice you have for me, (such as 'stay out of my country, you git!) please let me know.
  7. goldenruwl

    goldenruwl Guest

    This is what I did (I have a misdemeanor conviction for a simple assault). I went to the Embassy looking better than everyone in the building. I treated everyone with courtesy and respect (something I do everyday).

    I wrote in the explanation, "shouting that got out of hand with alleged pushing and shoving". The person at the desk looked at me, tore off the extra page that I used attacted to the application to write the explanation and told me my visa would be ready in the afternoon.

    I had a great time in China, Shanghai rules!

  8. Jimdannock

    Jimdannock New Member

    I am planning a trip to Beijing during the Olympic. However, i am not quite sure if i can get a visa. Can anyone help me?

  9. dude924

    dude924 New Member

    Hey I just received my Tourist Visa from China today Sept 30,2008. I have a misdemeanor criminal record ( Driving under the influence of Alcohol), from 2 years ago. I checked off on the application that I had a criminal record. On a separate sheet I wrote down the date of arrest, the date of guilty plea, the fact that it was a misdemeanor, and it was non-violent. I also said I was sorry and learned from my mistake. The person looked at it and asked if it was driving with drugs or alcohol. When i told her alcohol she seemed a bit more relieved. She then told me that getting the visa should not be a problem, which turned out to be true. I also was dressed in business casual clothes and spoke politely and was friendly. My advice is if you have a non-violent criminal misdemeanor, let them know about it and include the information I wrote about and you should have no problem. Also, make sure the application is filled out fully, you have plane reservations and hotel reservations as well. Having a job seems to also be important, as they rejected one women in her 20's because she didn't have a job. As far as felonies are concerned, my best guess is it will depend on how long ago it was and what it was for. In either case make sure you have all the other requirements met so as your criminal record is the only strike against you.
  10. michaeljohn

    michaeljohn New Member

    I'm wondering about how strict China is when it comes to applying for a visa with a criminal history. The conviction was only a misdemeanor but it involved a forged document. Any advice or experiences would be much appreciated.
  11. universalmikes

    universalmikes New Member

    Can anyone help me. I want to get a visa. But have a convition of wilful exposture in front of a minor when drunk. Have i any hope in getting into china. My wife is chinese. And we are currently married in Australia.

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