Christmas in Prague

Discussion in 'Czech Republic' started by Vicolette, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    The central square in Prague comes alive each year with festive lights, colors, costumes, toys, music, dancing, tasty pastries, and more to celebrate the holidays in Old Town. What city do you think has the best Christmas atmosphere?
  2. Mr.TJr

    Mr.TJr New Member

    in all fairness all cities! Christmas time is great pretty much everywhere in Europe since most european countries really go "all-out" when it comes to the holidays. I'd say, though, Germany is the best spot to enjoy xmas because of the xmas markets and beautiful displays of nativity scenes that are sometimes with life-sized figures;)
  3. josephhinds

    josephhinds New Member

    I had never visited Prague but I want to celebrate 2012 Christmas in Prague. I hope I will arrange all the stuff regarding my plan.
  4. shouldnt

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    Christmas markets in Prague

    travel between December 1 and December 23 if you want to experience Prague Christmas markets. Even it's Xmas, sightseeing tours and tourist attractions operate as normal and so the bars, restaurants and shops are open. However, on December 24 (Christmas Eve) you may find many tourist attractions close, but as the city itself is the main attraction, the streets and squares are great to explore on foot.
  5. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    It's difficult to choose just one city. I'd like to visit Prague during the holidays and also Tokyo with all the festive lights and Christmas trees. I'd also like to visit Germany for the holidays and during Oktoberfest.
  6. PetterErstad

    PetterErstad New Member

    A friend of mine says that Prague is worth to visit. Can you recommend me some places to visit?
  7. d360

    d360 Administrator

    The first fours things that come to mind are: Prague Castle, ‎Old Town (Stare Mesto), ‎St. Vitus Cathedral, and Hemingway Bar. What do you like to do?

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